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How We Started

Kay Lux was founded by Abigail Yeboah in June 2021.Abigail is passionate about natural hair and has always sought out the best way to achieve thick, long, and luxurious natural hair of her own. In 2019, when braids and weaves thinned her hairline, causing Abigail to lose her edges, she began looking for ways to grow them back. She soon realized that many mainstream products did not live up to their promise to regrow natural hair.

Frustrated with her findings, she began to conduct research of her own, leading her to discover Ayurveda herbs and powders, which contain compounds proven to significantly increase hair growth. Abigail soon began blending her own signature combination of Ayurveda herbs and powders and, after seeing such incredible results, began to embark on a journey to share her signature "Strengthening & Growth Hair Oil" blend with people all over the world.

Abigail remains enthusiastic about helping clients achieve long, full, healthy hair and continually seeks out the best natural ingredients to create products that give actual results.